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Wow, that was funny!

Hahaha! that was so funny I was rofl! But still, anyone can do this, I think the only reason why this wasnt blammed is because you are a well known man here at NG. And if this was submitted by anyone else I'm sure it would be blammed.
Yeah, I loved the randomness, I tried to make something random like this with my friend...never submitted it...hell, I never even finished it...a well, this isnt about me, its about you! So let's go back to you: With random things like this I always say, work on the graphics! Most random submissions have realy poor grapics. But in this case the grapics made it even funnier! But maybe it could use a bit more animation. And I think this could reach the top 50 if ya use your regular drawing and animation style and make it a litle bit longer. Ya, I realy think so! I aint kidding! ....why are you all looking at my like that?....What?? Its true and you know it!!!
lol :P

The Neosoul


This realy reminds me of what flash is all about. keep up the good work and may Gods love be with you all.

I loved it!

I realy liked it! the music was realy good and ya know, this could end up in being quite a good serie! I realy think ya should turn this into a serie and im sure there are more people who think the same.

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I love it!

Yeah, I always love this kind of music, I just love that temple like echo thingie! But I hate to tell you this but ya made an error in the Lyrics. First of all Aetarnam should be Aetarnum. Tempus should be in genetivus (its temple OF time) so it should be Tempi. Sempre is the modern use of the old latin word Semper, so there's nothing wrong with that and Aedes is correct too. My latin teacher went crazy when she saw the lyrics (wich was verry funny). Dispite the Lyrics incorrectness(well, I didnt realy mind, like I said only my latin teacher did), I totaly loved it!
...Make...More...YOU ROCK!!

Bezo responds:

Latin corrections. Now I know how JK Rowling feels.

Ok, not really. I don't have bazillions of dollars. If I did...oh, that'd be sweet.

Semper Aeternum Tempi Aedes! If I ever re-record it, I'll get it right.


I loved it!! keep up the good work!

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